Having a good old-fashioned belly laugh is one of the most enjoyable activities that you can take part in. You might be hanging out in the backyard with your mates, watching a silly movie or checking out some  in Melbourne. Either way, we can all agree that nothing beats a solid session of the giggles.

But could laughing actually be healthy for us? Let’s take a further look. 

a young man laughing

Heart Healthy

Heart disease is a serious problem in Australia, but when you head to the biggest comedy club in Melbourne, you’re doing your ticker a favour.

Laughter helps your blood vessels function healthily and increases your blood flow. These both serve to protect you against a heart attack and a range of cardiovascular issues.


A good session of laughing helps to relax and relieve your entire body. It will help to release all your built up stress and tension and actually it leaves your muscles relaxed for nearly an hour afterwards! What better reason to head to a comedy night? It’s probably cheaper than a massage too.

Beat the Flu

Laughter helps to give your immune system a much-needed boost. Due to our hectic, busy and active lifestyles, people are often run down and on the verge of getting sick. Laughing will reduce the amount of stress hormones running through your body. It will also increase the amount immune cells and hard-working antibodies in your body. Both of these factors help to improve your immunity and resistance to diseases and bacteria.

Easy Endorphins

Let’s be honest, who actually likes going for runs? Seeing a stand-up comedy gig may actually get you the same results. A good dose of laughter will release endorphins, the feel-good chemicals. These help to increase your sense of well-being. 

They even have analgesic or pain-relieving properties.

Not Just for the Body

Laughter doesn’t just have physical benefits. It can also help to improve your mental health and stability too! It brings a spark of light into your day or evening, easing anxiety and fear and helping you to unwind. It also improves your mood. Who doesn't feel better after a good belly laugh?


Laughter also helps you to bond with those close to you. Having a good laugh with friends, family and loved ones can help to bring you closer together. Better than a game of Monopoly, and less likely to cause arguments!

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