Do you fantasise about being a comedian and saying whatever you like without consequences – as long as you’re funny? Are you thinking of a new career path? Or maybe you’d just like a new hobby. Making people laugh is one of the healthiest and most rewarding things you can do. There is actually a range of health benefits of laughter too, so does one become a comedian? Let’s take a closer look.

Open Mic 

Some live comedy venues have open mic nights, where up and coming comics can test their mettle against a real audience. This can be daunting, but the atmosphere is usually light and forgiving.  So google and hunt down your closest comedy club or theatre and enquire.

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Comedy Workshops

One way to get started on your exciting new career path is to join a workshop - call us and enquire today. There are bound to be comedy clubs running these – such as ours. Or a local community centre or school. You get to learn practical skills, crowd-pleasing methods and benefit from expert advice.

What Style?

It may be worth deciding what type of stand up comedian you want to be. There are many different methods to live comedy. We’ll go through some of them below.

Alternative Comedy

Alternative comedy differs from mainstream comedy. It can be more observational, surreal or even slapstick. This may be the option for those who enjoy being creative or have an eccentric manner.

Black Comedy

Black or dark comedy tends to deal with the most taboo topics in life.

Character Comedy

Character comedy means that the comic takes on a persona, or character, for the show. This can be lots of fun because you get to step out of your skin and into another for the duration of your set.

There are a few others, including cringe, deadpan, improvisational, prop and spoof. Once you’ve picked a style, or tried a few, there are some other things you can do to get on your way to becoming a professional comic.

Practice, Practice, Practice

It’s worth practicing your routine. Some of the best live comics practice and practice, and ensure that they have their routines memorised before they hit the 

Try out your routine on friends and family first, and see how they react and always be open to feedback. Any creative endeavour needs criticism to grow and evolve.

Observe and Learn

Life itself is full of comedy. Bizarre situations, interpersonal conflict and even farcical events all happen often. Pay attention to your life, and even observe the lives of others. Learn to find the hidden joke in every event and interaction. Consider working some of what you see and learn into your routine. After all, the best stories have elements of truth in them so the best jokes will come grounded in reality. The crowd at a live comedy theatre will lap it up.

Looking for Live Comedy?

Before you start on your new path, why not check out some of the best in action? Feel free to view our events for upcoming gigs. Please call (03) 9348 9488 or contact us if you’re keen to book a live comic, or hire our venue for corporate functions or fundraising. If you feel like a feed as well, here is our latest menu. 

(03) 9348 9488 or contact us if you have any questions. Last but not least, here’s our latest menu if you intend to dine and laugh on your first date. 

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